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Researchers and experts, politicians and economists reflect upon the concept of evolution and science’s new role in tomorrow's world

Evolution is a central concept in many spheres of human endeavour, ranging from astrophysics and genetics to philosophy and psychology. Reflection about Evolution is reflection about ourselves, our future and our place in the universe.
In pursuit of the objectives set by the First World Conference on the Future of Science, Evolution has been chosen as the theme of the Second Conference - a theme central to science and to society as a whole.
The Second Venice Conference has brought together authorities of international renown from various disciplines to contribute with their views and engage in debate with all participants, represented not only by experts but by a wider public.
Researchers and experts have been interacting with politicians, economists, managers, teachers and journalists, to reflect about the making of the universe and first forms of life till mankind and to debate the impact of concepts of evolution on our lives and take part in delineating a new role for science in tomorrow’s world. Over the three days Conference have been discussed the evolution of matter, the evolution of life and the evolution of mind. It has been a fascinating survey of the whole existence from its remotest origins to its distant future.

  Janez Potocnik

Scienza e potere, scienza e società.

F. M. Zaragoza

Applicare la scienza alle esigenze delle persone.

Philip Pettit


Neuroscienza e libero arbitrio
Paul David


La rivoluzione dell'Open Science
 Luc Montagnier


AIDS e nuove epidemie nel XXI secolo
Zhores Alferov


Scienza, educazione e tecnologia devono essere connesse

Daniel Dennett


Rapporto tra scienza e religione

Richard Nelson


L'economia di mercato e la ricerca
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