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Nicholas Negroponte
The visionary Director of MIT's Media Lab exposes his theory:
"Innovation? Culture, hetereogeneity, open source,
creativity and risk"

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Fostering creativity beyond cost optimization and incrementalism; being a heterogeneous environment, where difference leads to ideas; and having an appetite for risk, as an attitude and a chance to be possibly protected by the political-economical system (something the newly born European Union still has to learn from the far more entrepreneurial USA). These are the keys to Innovation, in the prominent view of NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE

Chairman Emeritus of the prestigious MIT’s Media Lab, founder of the pioneer Wired Magazine, as well as accredited advisor and Board member in diverse private and public organization (including Motorola), he strongly asserts the central role of culture in the development of an open, innovative mindset. New opportunities arise through the current technological advancement, so that it is now unavoidable to cope with the unprecedented and unrivalled revolution of the Open Source: Wikipedia may represent the most limpid example of a free but efficient working reality.
Visionary, nevertheless committed and pragmatic in action, he introduces the economic model of the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) Project for providing Third World students with energy-efficient laptops at the ambitious cost of $100. The non-profit association has been mobilizing a global concern (it has recently been in the Forbes magazine’s Top Ten List of most revolutionary ideas for the next 10 years), and it can actually count on the collaboration of eminent personalities, the financial support of IT multinationals and government grants from all over the world. A true revolution in the idea of progress.

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